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SPE-03 Trusted by over 200 PFAS Labs

SPE system production labs

In response to growing concerns and regulations surrounding PFAS, PromoChrom remains dedicated to supporting the global needs for effective PFAS monitoring. We are proud to be the trusted choice for over 200 PFAS labs worldwide that rely on the SPE-03 system for efficient PFAS extraction.

Our production team is working tirelessly to ramp up manufacturing while ensuring all systems complete quality control, stress testing and final inspection prior to shipping. From there, the support team seamlessly takes over the responsibilities of every unit of our automated SPE systems to ensure the end users receive the fastest and most effective support.

In parallel, innovation continues at PromoChrom to better equip our customers to address the changing PFAS testing landscape. Our anti-clogging solutions and latest Presto accelerated SPE system are just some examples of how we push the envelope to bring forth further efficiencies. 

From drinking water to wastewater, soil, and other challenging samples, PromoChrom helps labs seamlessly integrate automation into their lab’s workflows.

Prep PFAS with PromoChrom!

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