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8-Channel High Efficiency Automated SPE System

The SPE-03 is a powerful and efficient automated solid phase extraction system capable of processing up to 8 samples at a time. It can be used for large and small volume water, food, soil, fuel, protein and forensics sample extraction and clean up. Like all our systems, it utilizes positive pressure to deliver fluids at fixed flow rates and prevent build up in your SPE cartridges. All samples start and finish at the same time.

Our flow path integration technique gives the SPE-03 a very small footprint and can easily fit in any fume hood. Special features include bottle rinsing, separate waste outlets and nitrogen drying.

This fully automated SPE system is the top choice for PFAS following EPA Methods 533/537/1633, DoD QSM 5.3 Table B-15, ISO 21675 and various proprietary methods. Other applications include 1-4 Dioxane, pesticides, PCBs, PAHs, mycotoxins and more.

SPE-03 8-Channel System
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Different sample loading options based on your application: