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Claros Technologies Inc. is an advanced materials company that designs and develops sustainable materials and solutions for a circular economy.

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To use the latest advancements in science and engineering to innovate solutions that enable sustainable use, recovery and reuse of these resources.

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To pass the environment to the next generation healthier than we inherited it.

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PFAS Extraction Challenges

Dr. Beryl Xia, Lead Analytical Chemist at Claros Technologies, is familiar with the challenges of manual extraction and said that when Claros was first founded, "I was running an analytical lab alone, and doing solid phase extraction manually was not a realistic option. The solid phase extraction procedure for PFAS analysis is also extremely time-consuming". In her lab, they mainly run PFAS extraction in non-potable matrices including groundwater, surface water and industrial water, which are high in solid, organic and salt content with extensive PFAS presence. Achieving good recovery in complicated matrices is another challenging task that requires optimal extraction procedure.

Claros' pfas samples on SPE-03 system
Two SPE-03 automated systems at Claros Technologies lab

Why Choose PromoChrom Initially?

While looking for an automated SPE solution two years ago to meet all their needs, Beryl came across the SPE-03 8-Channel system and said that "SPE-03 was the most attractive choice on the market and offered exactly what I was looking for." 

How has the SPE-03 helped?

Since 2020, PromoChrom has been collaborating closely with Claros to take on the most challenging PFAS samples. Beryl shared her experience of using the SPE-03 for PFAS extraction and working with PromoChrom:"SPE-03 has significantly reduced the involvement of human interaction, and reduced sample preparation time by 40-50% on average. We have been able to receive very strong technical support from PromoChrom's team as well." In addition, Beryl commented that the SPE-03 is compact, convenient to use and cost-effective.


PromoChrom is honored to have the opportunity to work with Beryl and be part of Claros' mission to create a healthier and more sustainable environment.


SPE-03 has significantly reduced the involvement of human interaction, and reduced sample preparation time by 40-50% on average.

Dr Beryl Xia from Claros

Dr. Beryl Xia
Lead Analytical Chemist
Claros Technologies

Achievements of Claros Technologies 

Claros awards

Claros Technologies has developed groundbreaking technology that effectively breaks down and eradicates "forever chemicals," including PFAS compounds, which presents a promising solution to the environmental problem of PFAS contamination.

Claros has garnered extensive recognition for their cutting-edge technology that tackles PFAS issues in the environment. Textile Insights featured Claros technologies for their innovative approach to destroying "forever chemicals" and addressing the environmental problem of PFAS contamination.

The StarTribune also highlighted Claros for their patented green chemistry technology, which employs activated carbon and other materials to combat environmental pollution. Claros has received funding to further develop and commercialize their sustainable solutions.

Moreover, Water Online featured Claros for their PFAS solution that utilizes activated carbon and other materials to address the issue of PFAS contamination in water. This technology holds the potential for use in remediation and sustainability efforts.

Claros's innovative solutions have earned them recognition from several awards programs. In 2021, TechConnect awarded Claros with the Innovation Award, and in 2020, they won the Sustainable Resources Award from the Tekne Awards. PromoChrom extends our congratulations to the hardworking team at Claros Technologies for their outstanding achievements.

Any Exciting Plans in the Pipeline?

Claros continues to expand lab capabilities to support their internal PFAS capture and destruction research and by extension, future customers who will utilize Claros' capture and destruction technology. 

claros pfas
Winter Scenery

What’s your Feedback on the SPE-03?

"We added a PromoChrom SPE-03 to our high-tech arsenal earlier this year to support our PFAS Analytical R&D. The SPE-03 performs automatic solid-phase extraction (SPE) which allows for consistency and reliability in sample extraction from batch to batch. In addition to saving hours of time for each batch, the instrument makes our analytical procedure for PFAS analysis easier and faster. The setup of SPE-03 is simple and intuitive. PromoChrom provides a video and a thorough manual for instrument installation and operation. PromoChrom is also very responsive when we have questions and need some help."

Dr. Beryl Xia, Lead Analytical Chemist
Claros Technologies
Aug 04, 2021

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