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PFAS in Non-potable Matrices

  • Optimizing EPA Method 1633 with Presto (Poster)

  • EPA Method 1633 (Video) (App Note)

  • ISO 21675   (App Note)

  • DoD QSM Table B-15

  • Modified and proprietary methods

  • Solid/Tissue/Soil Extract clean up (Video)

Automating EPA Method 1633

Recoveries of 33 PFAS Compounds using SPE-03 with Inline Filters (ISO 21675)

Good recover for pfas extraction

Special Features

Volume-Matrix Plus Configuration

Anti-clogging Frits

Anti-clogging Technology

SPE system rinsing feature
Dirty samples

The MOD-00P (Volume-Matrix Plus) configuration features a wider sample line to accommodate sample particulates and secondary bottle rinsing line to bypass the inline filter. The lines can also adapt to containers of any shape or size.

Anti-clogging frits

The anti-clogging frit is a compact solution to prevent SPE cartridge clogging and can be easily inserted into any standard SPE cartridges.

Inline Filters

inline filters

The inline filter serves to further keep out sample particulates that can clog the SPE cartridges and wear out the internal components of any automated system.

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