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Protein Purification

Protein Purification

Automated High Throughput Purification of

Proteins and other Biomolecules

  • Antibody Purification

  • Antigen and Enzyme Extraction

  • Metabolite Profiling

  • Oligonucleotide Extraction

Up to 40X faster than manual protein purification

SPE-03 8-Channel System

DSC_0889 copy-min.png

Automated purification of 8 samples in parallel, up to 1L samples,
using as many as 9 buffer solutions.

Compatible with 1mL to 70mL columns
eg. GE HiTrapTM, gravity-flow columns and standard SPE cartridges.

Positive-pressure liquid delivery ensures consistent flow rate and fixed process time for each protein purification batch. Supervision is no longer required for gravity-flow columns, all samples start and finish simultaneously. Controlled flow also allows for increased column packing capacity for even higher sample throughput.

Up to 2 fractions per sample enabling targeted automated extraction of biomolecules and method development. More fractions can be collected by programming pause steps and switching out fraction tubes.

Automated column regeneration possible depending on application.

Customizations available upon request.


Highly Inert and Corrosion Resistant

Compatible with biological samples, acids, bases and salts


Operates under temperatures low as


For proteins such as enzymes and antigens that require low temperature preservation


Easily Programmable Touch Interface

Saves up to 100 methods for automated protein purification, system cleaning and column regeneration

Dual-column Feature on the SPE-03

Automated Protein Purification Steps:

Choose from up to 9 buffers to condition columns


Elute columns using selected buffer(s). Can collect up to 2 separate fractions automatically.

Wash Column

Choose from up to 9 buffers to remove impurities

Regenerate Column

Wash and regenerate columns with buffer(s) and preserving agent(s)

Clean System

Choose from up to 9 buffers to clean sample and column lines

Condition Column
Load Sample

Deliver up to 1L of samples such as cell lysate or other biological fluids through columns

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