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PFAS Extraction - October 2019 Snapshot

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Our latest SPE-03 model was installed on October 3rd for PFAS extraction. After trying out one system earlier this year and passing all validation with flying colors, a government lab purchased 2 more units. Just 3 days into the installation, both systems were already tested for background, IDC (Initial Demonstration of Capability) and two batches of MRL (Minimum Reporting Level) confirmation. PromoChrom is honored to have a good working relationship with this state-of-the-art laboratory. Validation results of 1st system shown below:

Our first PFAS customer in USA, Merit Labs, has been working with us since last September to optimize the SPE-03 for EPA Method 537. They are a well-recognized testing lab in the State of Michigan and experts in the field of PFAS. Starting in February 2019, they migrated from the vacuum manifold to our automated system. The SPE-03 has freed up a lot of their resources and has produced good and consistent results. We recently learned that it even had better surrogate recovery for some complex sample matrices compared to using the vacuum manifold.

In between our first and most current installations, we've helped many labs including government, university, private and commercial with their PFAS extraction, which are not limited to EPA Method 537. Some are using WAX and mixed-mode cartridges to extract shorter and longer chain compounds. For each customer, we spend 3 days on-site to ensure that the system is optimized for their application.

Having proven itself as a trusted solution for PFAS, the SPE-03 has entered customer tenders in collaboration with leading chromatographic companies. The number of overseas inquiries are also steadily increasing. We look forward to many more opportunities in the future.


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