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NACRW 2019

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

This year, we unveiled the latest version of the SPE-03 at NACRW, featuring a larger touch display, easier sample loading from the sides and an overall cleaner design. The system has been a popular choice for extracting water samples but is just as effective with food samples. A lot of end users were impressed by the small foot print and ergonomics of this 8-channel SPE system. Being easily compatible with different SPE cartridges and sample containers, the SPE-03 can readily replace existing manual SPE processes.

We also displayed a poster discussing the considerations of automating PFAS extraction following EPA Method 537.1. PFAS is a growing concern especially in the USA but current methods can only extract and analyze a small group of targeted compounds. The development of more effective methods can be expedited with the help of an auomated SPE system. The SPE-03 has already been used with both SDVB and WAX cartridges for PFAS in drinking water.

During the tradeshow, we were contacted by a couple of large analytical instrument companies for collaboration. The SPE-03 was brought to their attention through satisfied customers. We look forward to seeing more laboratories benefitting from this great system!

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