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Upcoming NEMC 2023

PromoChrom is glad to announce our upcoming NEMC attendance in Minneapolis. We will be presenting two topics to share our insights of solid phase extraction with different applications. For more information about the presentations, please check out the below summaries.

Hope to see you soon at our event!

Results and Learnings from Automating the SPE Procedure of EPA Method 1633

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is employed by EPA draft Method 1633 for the extraction of PFAS across 8 different sample matrices. When performed manually, the SPE procedure requires multiple handling steps and constant monitoring of liquid flow. Special requirements for sample preparation, extraction and clean up further adds to the challenges for laboratories when bringing on this method. Automation and optimization of the SPE procedure is critical for achieving good quality results and releasing laboratory workers from labor-intensive routines.

The SPE-03 8-Channel system is developed collaboratively with numerous PFAS labs over the years, spanning EPA Methods 537.1, 533 and 1633. Currently it is being used for the multi-lab validation as well as running field samples with draft Method 1633. This presentation will share the experience and data obtained while working with some of these PFAS labs. It is expected that the learnings will foster wider understanding and discussion of this method.


A Novel SPE Disk that Combines the Advantages of SPE Cartridges and Conventional 47-mm disks While Overcoming their Challenges

Solid phase extraction is often the most challenging and time-consuming process in the analysis of large volume water samples. Majority of solid phase extractions are performed using SPE cartridges, even though SPE disks offer much higher flow rate and clogging resistance. This is due in part to the higher cost and larger volume of solvent usage. In addition, most automated SPE systems are only compatible with SPE cartridges, thereby further limiting the use of disks.

In this presentation, we bring forth a novel Mini-disk that combines the advantages and eliminates the shortcomings of cartridges and disks. The hybrid design can achieve high flow rates and tolerance to particulate matter while using similar amounts of solvent as cartridge-based extraction. The diameter of the Mini-disk measures only 30mm and is packaged to fit standard luer connections, making it suitable for cartridge-based automated SPE systems and vacuum manifolds.

This new disk format brings about significant breakthroughs in efficiency and matrix tolerance over conventional cartridge-based extractions. Important design considerations and results will be discussed.


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