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Introducing the Latest SPE-03

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The SPE-03 8-channel system is one of our earliest products and has helped many end users around the world speed up their sample preparation process. It is most widely used on large volume water samples and can also clean up food, soil and forensic samples. In our continued efforts to deliver higher quality products, we have updated the SPE-03 design to have better functionality, usability and reliability.


New features:

Minimal-Teflon Option

Applications that are sensitive to PTFE/Teflon such as the analysis of PFAAs can benefit from our minimal-teflon option where we replace all Teflon moving parts with PEEK and Polyethylene. This option is available at no extra cost.

New Touchscreen Controller

We have replaced the button interface with a 4.3" resistive touch screen that works even in wet conditions. The larger display is easier to interact with and can display more lines of each method. Compared to only 3 methods and 12 lines per method in its predecessor, the new controller can now save 100 methods with 100 lines per method.

Versatile Sample Rack

To make it easier for loading various types of samples, we added an adjustable sample rack with luer connectors. Large sample bottles can be easily connected through our provided adapter tubing. Smaller samples can be directly loaded onto the included 12mL or 20mL sample tubes. The adjustable sample rack provides:

  • Open access to the SPE columns at the back

  • Clearance for filling up sample tubes

  • Tubing adjustment for different sample bottle heights

Optional Rack for Large Sample Bottles

The new MOD-004 rack can hold up to four sample bottles using its common GL45 threaded adapter. Sizes up to 1L can be mounted. Bottles are mounted upside down to maximize sample recovery. The adapters are also compatible with SPE columns for controlled vacuum sample loading and two-column-in-series configurations.

Separate Waste Outlets SPE-03 now comes with two waste outlets by default, one for sample waste and the other for solvent waste. This makes it more convenient for labs that need to dispose of organic waste separately. This feature is customizable.

Solvent Mixing The new SPE-03 can mix 2 solvents at specified ratios for solvent blending and stepped gradient elution.

Download PDF • 1.73MB


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