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Insightful Visit at Orange County Sanitation District

500mL of the toughest influent wastewater samples were smoothly extracted as per EPA Method 1633 during our insightful visit at Orange County Sanitation District. During the recent exhibition at Pittcon, our general manager, Ian Wan, had the opportunity to collaborate with our valued customer to automate one of the most challenging types of PFAS extraction – influent wastewater from residential sewage. It was truly remarkable to witness PromoChrom's latest anti-clogging solutions effectively handle their full range of samples even at such high volumes. 

It was truly inspiring to meet the dedicated team at Orange County Sanitation District (OCSAN) and gain insight into the vital monitoring work they perform behind the scenes. Their efforts play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and smooth functioning of our community. We look forward to further collaboration with OCSAN and other sanitary facilities in optimizing wastewater testing processes.

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