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Highlights of 2018

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

2018 was a milestone year for PromoChrom Technologies. Not only did we enjoy unprecedented growth in sales, a new office space was acquired to poise ourselves for more to come in 2019. We have our customers and distributors to thank and will continue to offer high quality products and close collaboration. Below are some of the highlights:

▶ 100% Revenue Increase

2018 was a strong financial year where we doubled our sales figures from 2017. The increased popularity of PromoChrom's flagship products SPE-03 and SPE-04 have contributed significantly to our growth.

▶ Success of SPE-03

The new SPE-03 with improved performance and usability has gained a strong footing in the global market, especially in USA. The product was very well-received by our customers who found it easy to use, powerful and reasonably priced. Applications included drinking water, waste water, animal feed and fuel.

▶ Expanding Market Reach

We are proud to be working with motivated distributors who are constantly finding new opportunities for our products. With their support, we were able to enter new markets such as South Korea, Singapore and Australia.

▶ New Office Branch

A new branch was established in Richmond, BC to increase our research and development, testing and production capacity. We are excited to bring on board new members in the next few months.

▶ New Logo

2018 2019

As the company evolves, so should its image. We have updated our company logo to a more simplistic yet professional design. It will also be more recognizable and easier to print on our products.


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