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🇦🇺 Australia, here we come!

🇦🇺 New partnership with DKSH to serve you directly. 🇦🇺

PromoChrom is delighted to share some exciting news - we've officially joined forces with DKSH, a dynamic team of sales experts, application specialists, and field engineers. Our collaboration with DKSH will bring unmatched value to our customers with the most efficient and effective support in Australia. 

The recent training sessions were a resounding success! The DKSH team was very welcoming, and their many years of experience in the industry allowed them to become highly proficient with the SPE-03 remarkably quickly. It was enlightening to tap into their wealth of pertinent technical knowledge on current and future applications.

Introducing DKSH to our local customers was a highlight, and the positive response was overwhelming. We are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead as we work together to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our Australian customers.

A big shoutout to the amazing team at DKSH for their commitment and expertise. Here's to a future filled with collaboration and exceptional customer support!


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