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The New SPE-03 Gen 4

PromoChrom is excited to launch the new SPE-03 Gen 4. This version features hardware and software upgrades based on inputs that matter the most - from our users. With the improved casing design, we aim to enhance customer experience through seamless installation, access and operation. These changes include a built-in and pre-adjusted flow meter, side windows, increased fraction collection space accommodating up to 60mL ASE vials, easily accessible USB port and fuses, and more. The SPE-03 Gen 4 also further supports operational stability through sample and rinse lines with luer fittings, fixed waste lines, more powerful pumps with better accessibility and polypropylene cartridge outlets for improved corrosion resistance.

What’s more? The new software offers extra flexibility to run a method from any specific step, with the option to modify the step parameters. This enables a partial re-run of a method for development work or continuation from any extraction interruptions.

We appreciate your confidence in PromoChrom products and will continue to introduce exciting features for the SPE-03.


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