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SPE-03 Used for Multilab Validation of EPA Method 533 for PFAS

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived with the release of EPA Method 533 on December 19, 2020. We could not be more thankful and proud that our SPE-03 system was used by Merit Labs during the multilab validation.

The SPE-03 did not require any hardware modifications from its previous design. Existing features such as sample bottle rinsing and adding cleaning solvents to sample containers allowed the new method steps to be easily integrated. Up to 6 solvents can be run on the SPE-03, which is more than enough for this method. According to our partner lab, the setup was simple and it took less than a day to see initial results.

The same SPE-03 system can now be used for EPA Method 537.1, 533, DoD and many other PFAS methods.


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