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Pittcon at Orlando, FL

We would like to thank all the organizers and participants for a successful tradeshow this year. PromoChrom is now partnered with distributors from many new regions of the world, allowing us to reach even more end users. The new SPE-01 and SPE-04+ attracted a lot of interest with their improved ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality. Several end users who have reached out to us before also had the opportunity to witness our automated SPE systems in person, and became more confident in the process.

The poster on Two-tier Online SPE helped promote awareness of our online SPE-04. The term "Two-tier online SPE" coined by PromoChrom Technologies involves using a 2nd SPE column for sample injection into LC/LC-MS, instead of a conventional sample loop. This retains all the benefits of direct sample loading such as high sensitivity and efficiency while overcoming its challenges such as clogging from dirty samples and SPE to LC column incompatibility. The 2nd SPE column's longevity is also significantly improved with our online SPE-04's back wash feature.

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