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PFAS Customers Discuss SPE Automation at NEMC 2020

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

NEMC 2020 has gone virtual for the first time, hosting online booths and video presentations by professionals in the industry. Among many familiar customer names in the presenters list, the Orange County Water District (OCWD) from California and Merit Labs from Michigan talked about PFAS analysis in drinking water and put in a few good words for our SPE-03 8-Channel system.

OCWD installed the first SPE-03 system back in August 2019 and purchased two more to be installed in October 2019. During the presentation, lab supervisor, Lily Sanchez, talked about their process of automating the manual extraction following EPA Method 537.1 and discussed the benefits and challenges. In just a few days, the lab finished system background validation, MDL and IDC on our SPE-03 systems. When running PT samples, they achieved 100% proficiency score. Below are slides taken from OCWD's presentation.

Comparing SPE-03 to manual SPE, the fully-automated system significantly improved extraction efficiency and freed up their lab personnel to work on other tasks. At the rate of 75mins per extraction batch, a single SPE-03 system can easily run 3 batches in an 8-hour shift. OCWD also keeps a record of recoveries over time and it can be seen that the SPE-03's have consistently performed on a high level. We truly appreciate OCWD sharing these superb results.

Merit Labs was the first US customer that we collaborated with to build the SPE-03 system that fully automates EPA Method 537. Business owner, Maya Murshak talked about the various methods used for PFAS analysis such as EPA Method 537.1, 533, DOD and ASTM D7979. She even dedicated a slide to our SPE-03 system and talked about the great experience they have working with PromoChrom.

A good customer reference means much more than any amount of advertising. PromoChrom has striven to establish a strong customer base that helped generate significant referrals and recurring revenue.


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