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New SPE-03 Pump for Large Volume Extractions

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Introducing Our New "Beast Pump"

Watch the video and check out our upgraded high performance "Beast Pump" with 4x draw speed and 2x pushing force to speed up your large volume solid phase extraction. You can now save up to 40 minutes of extraction time on a 1L sample with this new pump.

The SPE-03 is known for it's high efficiency for EPA Methods 537.1, 533 and 522. Equipped with the Beast Pump, it can now run these methods, as well as EPA Method 525.2, 525.3 and 608.3 unattended in record time.

PromoChrom is dedicated to continuous product improvement and removing bottlenecks in extraction. All SPE-03 systems shipping in July will be equipped with the Beast Pump. End users of our SPE-03 systems are welcome to upgrade their existing pumps, software and firmware to take advantage of the faster speed and durability.

Click to learn more about SPE-03.


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