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How Much Can You Evaluate in a 30-day Product Demo?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

PromoChrom offers on-site demos which include product installation and 30 days evaluation. Installation takes about an hour and most labs can obtain initial validation results in just a day or two. Once everything looks good with the systems, what’s next?

When utilized to the fullest, the 30-day evaluation will not only give you a chance to validate many potential methods but also provide an accurate snapshot of what long-term usage entails. An exemplary product demo of the SPE-03 for PFAS was recently completed by Alpha Analytical in Mansfield, Massachusetts and we are proud to share with you their story.

Alpha did the SPE-03 installation following our setup video, with minimal remote assistance from us. It was clear from the start that they were technically inclined. Throughout the process, their technical director in charge had frequent discussions with us on progress and timeline. In the span of just three weeks, they finished validating the SPE-03 system for:

  • Their proprietary isotope dilution method with 42 PFAS compounds for drinking water

  • Clean up of soil/solid/tissue extracts

Besides obtaining all necessary data on method blanks and low/mid/high level spikes, the lab ran actual field samples to test out how the SPE-03 handled particulate matter. Running multiple methods also revealed any needs for customization that could be applied in the future. Overall, things went smoothly according to plan and the SPE-03 became part of their production after ROI assessment.

A huge part of the demo's success is owed to their technical director having strong ownership of the project and driving evaluation efforts. While any questions were quickly communicated to us, he also had a resourceful and experienced team that often devised their own solutions in parallel.

Of course, circumstances are not always ideal. Factors such as sudden influx of samples and equipment down-time can impede any evaluation efforts. We remain grateful that 100% of labs who completed the demo for PFAS have become our customers. Alpha Analytical has demonstrated that 30 days gives ample time to reap from this window of opportunity. Some key takeaways are assigning a project manager, meticulous planning and effective communication. Contact us today if you are interested in an on-site or virtual demo.

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