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Analytica at Munich, Germany

Analytica 2018 had been a great success. Not only did we reach out to new customers but also met up with many of our existing partners to discuss strategies and new product features. Many were able to see the potential of our SPE-04 online SPE with its two-tier approach. The benefits over offline SPE and other online SPEs on the market are significant. Imagine an automated SPE that can do it all for you - prepare sample, derivatize, inject into HPLC, start on next sample... and not be hindered by column blockage or compatibility issues. No wonder it has become our new hot product. For more information, check out our poster or application note on the online SPE-04.

During the show, we also gathered valuable feedback from end users regarding our products. These will be factored in to our upcoming product updates to SPE-01 and SPE-03. Expect improved ergonomics, touch screen interface and new casing design.

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