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A Unified Solid Phase Extraction Platform for Disk and Cartridge Based Extractions

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Solid phase extraction of environmental samples typically involve either SPE cartridges or disks, depending on cost, availability, efficiency and sample matrix requirements. Many labs utilize both options in their routine extractions. Current market research has shown a lack of automated systems that can perform both cartridge and disk-based extractions with high efficiency. Compounded with the range of disk and cartridge formats, labs often purchase different types of extractors based on the application.

PromoChrom's 8-Channel SPE-03 system was designed for using SPE cartridges. It offers high sample throughput and full automation including sample bottle rinsing. With simple modifications, the instrument is capable of running not only larger cartridges, but commercially available 47-mm and 50-mm SPE disks and disk assemblies, with the benefits of positive pressure and unattended operation. This offers more flexibility and a compact footprint when working with disk-based extractions. The design approach and extraction performance will be presented and discussed for a number of common applications.

Read the full application note here.



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