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100% Success in Product Demos

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Product demos are a desirable option for many customers who wish to automate their SPE processes and have enough buffer time. It minimizes the initial investment and gives them the option to witness first-hand our systems' performance before buying. So far, our demos have gone quite well, achieving 100% conversion to sales in USA, Europe and Australia.

Here's how we did it. Each on-site demo is treated as an actual product installation. A brand new system is built for each demo. Our Support Chemists would then spend 3 days at the customer lab to setup the system, validate its performance and train our end users. After the installation, the customer has 30 days to evaluate the system, during which we work closely with them to address any concerns. Despite all that's invested, a successful demo is not guaranteed unless there is commitment from both sides. This is why we always qualify our prospects. A demo agreement is required for on-site demos. Alternatively, we offer virtual demos for customers who may not be looking to buy but are interested in our products.

Automating sample preparation is a worthwhile investment, but the initial step can be daunting. Our demos have helped many customers break through the initial barrier and make the right decision. Contact us to learn more.

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