PromoChrom Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Systems for environmental, food, biological, and fuel samples


For Environmental, Food, Biological and Fuel Samples



For Environmental, Food, Biological and Fuel Samples



Fully Automated SPE Systems


For High Efficiency and Throughput of Small Volume Samples

A high throughput system for efficient handling of multiple small volume samples. 

  • Up to 30 samples, 2 in parallel

  • 0.5mL to 15mL samples

  • Automatic vial rinse

  • Sample Back-Draw feature

Vivace Duo SPE Systems for small volume samples
SPE Patented multifunctional Valves

Patented Valve Design

The automated SPE equipment from PromoChrom Technologies are based off our patented multi-functional valves. They combine several liquid handling functions into one module, thus considerably simplifying the structure of our SPE equipment. Our SPE-03 8-channel instrument weighs about half as much as similar solid phase extraction equipment on the market and takes up less lab space.

SPE-03 Automated SPE system


8-Channel High Volume Automated SPE System. 

​A compact and efficient workhorse for semi-volatile pollutants in water, food, soil and oil samples. No.1 choice for PFAS.

  • Up to 8 samples in parallel

  • 0.5mL to 4L samples

  • Automatic sample bottle rinse option

  • Minimal-Teflon option


SPE System Compact Feature - small footprint


Our SPE Systems have small footprints and can run without an external computer or vacuum pump, saving you precious laboratory space.

SPE-03 accomodates variou column sizes


Compatible with 1/3/6mL SPE cartridges. The SPE-03 can be configured for SPE disks, Bakerbond Speedisks, UCT Enviro-Clean Universal Cartridges and other columns.

SPE System Effecicency - Parallel Steps


Even the most challenging SPE procedures can be carried out in parallel with uniform flow rates. Accelerate your water, food, fuel and biological testing.

Automated SPE systems have modified methods with touch screen


Methods can be easily accessed and modified using the built-in touch screen. Open design for convenient handling of samples, SPE cartridges and fraction vials.  


SPE applications - Environment, water, soil, PFAS


Drinking, Ground, Surface, Waste water; Solid, Biosolid and Soil samples

  • PFAS

  • 1-4 Dioxane

  • Pesticides

  • PAHs

  • PCBs

  • EPHs

  • PPCPs

The benefits of the SPE-03 for extraction of PFAS is the ability to extract 8 samples simultaneously, which is important for commercial laboratories where rapid sample throughput is an imperative. The other benefit of the SPE-03 is the ability to rinse sample containers and use the rinsate to elute the SPE cartridges. This ensures maximum recovery of PFAS adsorbed to the walls of sample containers. Method setup and operation is also straightforward using the touchscreen controller. Finally, controlled liquid dispensing handled by the syringed pumps ensures a high degree of precision relative to SPE performed manually by a laboratory technician.

Steven McGrath

Australian Laboratory Services (ALS)



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