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Image showing collection of PromoChrom's automated offline SPE Products

SPE-03 Upgraded

8-Channel SPE system

Water, food, soil, forensic analysis

New design:

  • Touch screen interface
  • Up to 100 methods
  • Separate waste outlets for samples and solvents
  • Minimal-Teflon option

Water, food, soil, forensic analysis

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Image showing collection of PromoChrom's automated offline SPE Products


Offline Automated SPE Systems

Standalone Solid Phase Extraction of organic and aqueous samples

  • 8 to 40 samples
  • 0.5mL to 4L
  • Parallel or sequential operation
  • Positive and negative pressure SPE
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Image of automated Online SPE Products


Online Automated SPE Systems

Auto SPE with sample-injection and start trigger for HPLC and LC-MS

  • 8 to 38 samples
  • 0.5mL to 100mL
  • Can serve as LC auto sampler
  • Online derivatization option
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Image of PromoChrom's patented Valve Design for automated SPE

Small-Reliable-Low contamination

Patented SPE Valve design

Combines various switching valves into one to simplify product design and maintenance

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Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) equipment that fits your application and budget

Why use our Automated SPE equipment?

Improved SPE reliability and throughput

Sample cleanup and enrichment using manual Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) can be time consuming and labor-intensive. It is also a major source of error. Adopting SPE automation can not only increase sample throughput, but also improve the quality of the analytical results. Our automated Solid Phase Extraction systems are engineered for high reliability, reproducibility and repeatability.



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Efficiency & Reproducibility

Image showing simplified graph of Automated SPE benefits

Errors & Difficulty

Image showing Automated SPE-04 Plus

Novel SPE design

Starting from the SPE valves

The automated SPE systems from PromoChrom Technologies are based off our patented multi-functional valves. They combine several liquid handling functions into one module, thus considerably simplifying the structure of our SPE equipment. Our SPE-03 8-channel instrument weighs about half as much as similar solid phase extraction equipment on the market.

Valves in most 8-channel SPE
Typical valve modules in 8-channel automated SPE systems
Our 8-channel SPE valve
Multi-functional SPE valve by PromoChrom

Increase scalability and features

Image showing how PromoChrom's valves can increase scalability and features

Reduce Weight

Image showing light weight icon

Minimize cross-contamination

Image showing shield to protect against cross-contamination

Easier Maintenance

Imag showing icon that signifies easier maintenance

Considering all your Solid Phase Extraction needs

In addition to sample cleanup and enrichment using conventional solid phase extraction, PromoChrom’s automated SPE instruments can also perform:


Image showing large water body

Solid Phase Extraction for large volume water samples

Image showing food in a grocery store

Cleanup for analysis of pesticides and drug residues in food

Image showing biological samples

High throughput extraction of biological samples for drug analysis

Image showing oil and grease floating on water

Solid Phase Extraction for oil and grease

Image showing a peptide molecule in 3D

Sample preparation for peptide analysis

Image showing chinese medicine

Purification of traditional Chinese medicine and other natural products

Common features

Easy operation. The commands used in the auto SPE interface are similar to lab sample preparation procedures. Methods can be easily modified using finger touch or button press. Samples, fractions and columns are all in an open space for easy access.  

Small footprint.  Our Solid Phase Extraction equipments have small footprints and can run without an external computer, saving you precious laboratory space. When volatile or toxic solvents (such as hexane, acetone, and petroleum ether) are used, the instruments can be conveniently placed in a fume hood.

Compatible with commonly available SPE columns. There is no need for special caps or adapters for the columns. Even self packed columns can be used.