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Coming Soon - Efficiency Redefined

A new and exciting product awaits. Our customer lab who just completed the Beta-Test has given it the stamp of approval, and the results are beyond gratifying.

New Beta-testing system beside SPE-03 automated spe system

non potable water samples extracted by the beta-test system

This upcoming system represents a remarkable leap forward in efficiency, filling a new niche from our SPE-03 to complement our existing product line. It significantly reduces extraction time, completing 8 x 500mL samples in 45 minutes. That’s just 6 minutes per sample! Of course, the system is also fully automated. This stands in stark contrast to the traditional vacuum manifold, which requires 15 minutes per sample with babysitting – a substantial three-fold enhancement in operational efficiency! Furthermore, its exceptional speed does not compromise the ability to handle non-potable water samples with ease, highlighting the new system’s versatility and adaptability.

We just have a few more Beta-Tests to wrap up to ensure you have a thoroughly tested product, but rest assured it’ll be available soon. We invite you to stay tuned for upcoming updates as we embark on this journey towards revolutionizing solid phase extraction.

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