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54th Annual NACRW at Naples, FL

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

PromoChrom was proud to showcase the new and improved SPE-01 at the annual North American Chemical Residue Workshop which drew the attention of many industry professionals. Its compact design with minimal moving parts was immediately noticed. Thanks to the organizers and sponsors of NACRW, we had this opportunity to meet some potential collaborators and stay in touch with the latest trends in chemical analysis.

Our poster titled "Integration of Sample Preparation with Chromatographic Analysis" was also featured at the gallery. It outlines the advantages and challenges of direct vs indirect integration of solid phase extraction with LC/LC-MS. Depending on your application, one approach may be more suitable than the other. Our online SPE system SPE-04 can do both.

Refer to our application note that demonstrates how SPE-04 can combine the advantages and eliminate the challenges of both approaches through a two-tier online SPE approach.

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