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SPE Cartridges and HPLC Columns

We also carry cartridges and columns for solid phase extraction and high performance liquid chromatography. Contact us for help with purchasing.

C8, C18, PSA, SAX, SCX SPE cartridges are made of high purity and spherical silica. Its surface is specially modified to ensure high sample recovery and good reproducibility.

Icon indicating common features between our automated SPE equipment Average particle diameter Average pore size Pore volume Specific surface area
45µm 60Å 0.8cm2/g 480m2/g

PEP SPE cartridges use polymer based sorbents. The polymer is polystyrene/divinylbenzene with vinyl prolidone. They have good adsorption for both polar and non-polar compounds. The pH range is 1-14.

Average particle diameter Average pore size Pore volume Specific surface area
35µm 80Å 0.8cm2/g 600m2/g

C8 Cartridges

Product No.DescriptionRef. Price (USD)
08-010-1-C100mg/1 mL, 100/pk130.00
08-020-3-C200mg/3 mL, 50/pk105.00
08-050-3-C500mg/3 mL, 50/pk130.00
08-050-6-C500mg/6 mL, 30/pk100.00
08-100-6-C1000mg/6 mL, 30/pk120.00

C18 Cartridges with End Capping

Product No.DescriptionRef. Price (USD)
18-010-1-C100mg/1 mL, 100/pk130.00
18-020-3-C200mg/3 mL, 50/pk105.00
18-050-3-C500mg/3 mL, 50/pk130.00
18-050-6-C500mg/6 mL, 30/pk100.00
18-100-6-C1000mg/6 mL, 30/pk120.00

NH2 Aminopropyl (PSA) Cartridges

Product No.DescriptionRef. Price (USD)
NH-010-1100mg/1 mL, 100/pk129.00
NH-020-3200mg/3 mL, 50/pk90.00
NH-050-3500mg/3 mL, 50/pk120.00
NH-050-6500mg/6 mL, 30/pk86.00
NH-100-61000mg/6 mL, 30/pk102.00

SCX (Strong Cation Exchange) Cartridges

Product No.DescriptionRef. Price (USD)
SC-010-1100mg/1 mL, 100/pk129.00
SC-020-3200mg/3 mL, 50/pk105.00
SC-050-3500mg/3 mL, 50/pk129.00
SC-050-6500mg/6 mL, 30/pk93.00
SC-100-61000mg/6 mL, 30/pk139.00

PEP Cartridges

Product No.DescriptionRef. Price (USD)
PE-003-130mg/1 mL, 100/pk165.00
PE-006-360mg/3 mL, 50/pk117.00
PE-010-3100mg/3 mL, 50/pk141.00
PE-020-6200mg/6 mL, 30/pk129.00
PE-050-6500mg/6 mL, 30/pk153.00

SAX (Strong Anion Exchange) Cartridges

Product No.DescriptionRef. Price (USD)
SA-010-1100mg/1 mL, 100/pk129.00
SA-020-3200mg/3 mL, 50/pk105.00
SA-050-3500mg/3 mL, 50/pk129.00
SA-050-6500mg/6 mL, 30/pk93.00
SA-100-61000mg/6 mL, 30/pk139.00

Note: Prices are based on minimum purchase of 40 packs, shipping cost not included.

SPE cartridges and columns for solid phase extraction

PromoChrom.comrries two lines of chiral columns from ChiralTek :

  1. Cellulose based ChiralCE columns
  2. Cyclodextrin based ChiralCD columns

ChiralCE-1 and ChiralCE-2 columns serve different needs :

  • ChiralCE-1 offers unique selectivity
  • ChiralCE-2 gives similar selectivity with most existing cellulose chiral columns while offering better durability

ChiralCD columns differ from other cyclodextrin based chiral columns in bonding positions and coverage.

With two ChiralCE columns and four ChiralCD columns, we are able to provide a coverage of up to 80% of chiral separations. When your existing chiral columns are unable to solve your problem, we may have a solution for you.

HPLC columns for high performance liquid chromatography