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MOD-00P Volume-Matrix Plus Configuration

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

PromoChrom is excited to introduce a new powerful add-on to the SPE-03 system to optimize sample loading and bottle rinsing for large volume samples with particulates such as in surface and waste water applications. With this option, the system will have increased sample loading speed, even higher resistance to sample particulates, isolated bottle rinsing lines and effective bottle rinsing of any shape and size. Behold these amazing features in the 90 second video below.

Inline Filter Attachment

The integrated sample lines come with connectors for our inline filters. This prevents sample particulates from contaminating the system or clogging the SPE cartridges. Unlike performing sample filtration prior to extraction, using inline filters will not affect compliance with extraction methods since the filters are part of the flow path and can be rinsed after sample loading to ensure all analytes are transferred. Good recovery has been confirmed by customers who had trouble with manual filtration.

Filter Drying

A built-in vacuum pump is included for drying the inline filters after sample loading to remove residual water. For applications that need to rinse sample bottle bottles with immiscible solvents such as DCM, this will significantly reduce the amount of water going into the collected fractions.

Integrated Bottle Rinsing Lines

MOD-00P comes with a 3rd multi-channel valve to separate sample drawing and bottle rinsing lines. The two lines are integrated externally and can be attached to various bottle configurations through a flexible adapter. By keeping both lines isolated, bottle rinsing remains unaffected by the amount of particulates trapped in the inline filters. Users can connect larger sample filters as necessary.

Sample Bottle Compatibility

The flexible adapter on the integrated sample lines can attach to bottle mouths ranging from 24mm to 40mm in internal diameter. Other sizes can be accommodated through custom adapters. Sample lines can be easily swapped out for different lengths when changing to longer or shorter bottles.

Higher Sample Loading Speeds

Using a 3rd multi-channel valve, each pump stroke is 10% more efficient than before. Combined with the adjustable sample draw speed, the system is capable of up to 20% increase in sample loading speed.

Minimal-Teflon option

MOD-00P can also be made using non-fluorinated material for PFAS applications. Simply specify the minimal-Teflon option when ordering.


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