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We are PromoChrom Technologies

PromoChrom Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2007 with specialization in liquid handling solutions. Since then, we have introduced a wide range of automated sample preparation systems and filed numerous technological patents. Our patented multi-channel valve enables simultaneous processing of up to 8 samples without having to use numerous solenoid valves and complex assembly. We pride ourselves in making great products that are much more compact and cost-effective than our competitors. Ask any of our satisfied customers and they will say the same.

picture showing the timeline of PromoChrom Technologies picture showing the timeline of PromoChrom Technologies

Our Presence

map showing PromoChrom's distributors

With our growing network of global distributors, PromoChrom is helping customers all over the world with their solid phase extraction needs. We welcome any motivated distributors who understand the value of our products, even if your country is already listed here.

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Our Focus

Sample preparation is nowadays the most challenging and labor intensive task in trace analysis. PromoChrom Technologies focuses on automated sample preparation techniques. Our automated Solid Phase Extraction instruments help to improve the efficiency and data quality in chemical analysis and relieve laboratory staff of labor-intensive routines.

We Offer

Automation of existing sample preparation procedures
Integration of sample preparation with instrumental determination
Innovation of new sample preparation approaches
Customization based on customer needs