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Welcoming New Support Chemists

PromoChrom is delighted to have two remarkable industry professionals join the team. As Support Chemists, Edie and Raymond will take on significant roles such as product development, market research and customer support.

Edie Xue obtained her PhD in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia, during which she published 5 papers and received 3 awards. With over 10 years of combined research and industry experience under her belt, she is well equipped for this position. We look forward to her help in developing new product applications and providing top quality customer assistance. Edie has helped her past company save valuable time and money through on-site installations as well as remote support. Her strong determination and willingness to go the extra mile will be a great asset to PromoChrom.

Raymond Chen has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and over 5 years of experience in renowned commercial labs such as SGS Axys. He is familiar with different methods and best laboratory practices. Being an end user of multiple laboratory instruments, he offers valuable insights from the customer's perspective. Combined with his background in engineering, Raymond is the perfect candidate to translate laboratory needs to product features. We are impressed by his eye for detail and ability to find the simplest solutions. PromoChrom's future product line up will appreciably benefit from his inputs.


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