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Prep PFAS with PromoChrom

Prep PFAS with PromoChrom

Prep PFAS with PromoChrom! Our SPE-03 Automated SPE System is making waves in the fight against PFAS contamination. Recent EWG data, as of August 2023, reveals a staggering 3,186 contaminated sites across all 50 states, highlighting the urgent need for efficient and large-scale PFAS testing.

Trusted by industry experts, the SPE-03 has been strategically deployed in over 100 laboratories to optimize their PFAS extraction with unparalleled efficiency and scalability. Its remarkable track record speaks volume about its reliability. Featuring Teflon-free components, the SPE-03 is an effective millstone for PFAS testing in both potable and non-potable samples, consistently delivering excellent results while offloading the most time-consuming tasks.

Besides the US, PromoChrom is dedicated to supporting government and commercial laboratories worldwide in streamlining their PFAS testing efforts. Together, we actively contribute to shaping cleaner, safer water systems.


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