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Icon indicating common features between our automated online SPE equipment

Common Features

  • Online SPE systems work with any HPLC that has remote input
  • User friendly software simplifies operation and integration with HPLC
  • Parallel operation that does not interfere with LC-MS software
  • Compatible with commonly available SPE columns
image showing common SPE columns compatible with promochrom SPE image showing promochrom online SPE's user friendly software image showing promochrom online SPE-04 working with hplc

Image of SPE-04 - Automated online Solid Phase Extraction Mobile version image of SPE-04 - Automated online Solid Phase Extraction

SPE-04 3-in-1 model

multi-functional online SPE system

A flexible and versatile platform for automated online solid phase extraction. Performs multiple tasks with one instrument:

Offline SPE, online SPE, normal sample injection, and online derivatization with controlled temperature
SPE-04 brochure SPE-04 Video


Sample Capacity :18, 26 or 38 sequential
Sample Volume :0.5 to 4/8/20 mL depending on sample container
Dimensions :34 cm x 42 cm x 35 cm
Weight :12 kg
Applications :forensic drugs, biological samples and pesticide residue
Special Features :computer not required in offline mode,
dedicated SPE column for each sample,
small footprint

Part Numbers

SPE-04-01 Offline model
SPE-04-02 Online model, with sample injection for HPLC
SPE-04-03 Online model, with sample injection for HPLC and online derivatization module

Solid Phase Extraction Procedure

Flow chart showing online Solid Phase Extraction Procedure Flow chart showing offline Solid Phase Extraction Procedure
Image of LC-03 - Automated online Solid Phase Extraction


online SPE for direct analysis of water samples

LC-03 online solid phase extraction system has functions for solvent delivery and sample introduction, thus the LC does not need a sampler and 2nd pump. 


Sample Capacity :8 sequential
Sample Volume :0.5-100 mL
Dimensions :34 cm x 42 cm x 35 cm
Weight :11 kg
Applications :water and other clean aqueous samples
Special Features :standalone operation, extended life time of SPE column due to special wash feature, maintains narrow peak shape for large sample volumes

Part Numbers


Common Features

Setup and Operation

Setup for direct analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in tap water at ppt level using PromoChrom's online SPE (SPE-04 or LC-03) coupled with HPLC :

Diagram of Promochrom's online SPE Coupled with HPLC

The HPLC system includes an Agilent G1310A isocratic pump and a G1314A variable wavelength detector. Since the online SPE takes care of sample loading and injection, the HPLC only needs a pump, a detector, and a computer with the ChemStation software.

Through specially designed valves and syringe pumps, the online SPE transfers samples to the SPE column and then to the HPLC system. Users only need to select the necessary actions, such as “load sample”, “add reagent 1”, “inject”, “start LC”, etc.

Image of PromoChrom online SPE Software

Our device uses remote signal to trigger the start of HPLC. While the HPLC is running a sample, the online SPE can start extracting the next sample. This overlapped introduction reduces sample preparation time.